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Sat. Jan 17th 2015
Night at the Races

The Citizens Fire Co. and Mahanoy City EMS will be hosting a night at the races on January 17. Doors open at 6:00 with the ra...

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Thu. Nov 6th 2014
Condolences to the Brassington Family

The Citizens Fire Co. and Mahanoy City EMS extends our condolences to the Brassington Family and also the West End Fire ...

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Sat. Sep 27th 2014
Premier Eagles Tribute Band Playing at the Citz

The 7 Bridges Band, the premier Eagles tribute band, will be playing at the Citz this evening. Doors open at 7:00 PM with the...

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Schuylkill Hose Co. #2 - Schuylkill Haven

Dano's Fire Apparatus Photos

Altamont Fire Company - West Mahanoy Twp.

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(Reserve) Engine 454 "The Bulldog Blitz"

1975 Mack CF

o 1000 GPM Pump
o 500 Gal. tank
o Two prepiped Master streams (front and mid mount)
o Portable rear Master Stream
o Spare Foam
o 1000' 5" LDH
o Extra Hose
o 2000 watt light tower
o Extra cribbing
0 Extra Haz-Mat Supplies

(Retired) Squad 456

1989 Ford/Mobile Medical Type III

Former company ambulance

(Retired) Tower 456

1982 Mack Baker 75' Aerialscope

Former FDNY Tower 15 and Old Forge Fire Department

Ambulance 4802

2004 Ford/Marque

o BLS Certified
o AED Equipped
o 2 SCBA
o Forcible Entry Tools
o Tool Box
o Water Can and ABC Extinguisher
o Rehab Supplies
o Automatic Vitals Monitor

Ambulance 4803

2010 Marque Ford F-450

o BLS Certified
o AED Equipped
o 2 SCBA
o Forcible Entry Tools
o Tool Box
o Water Can & ABC Extinguashers
o Rehab Supplies
o Automatic Vitals Monitor

Engine 454 "Schuylkill County's Engine Company"

2003 Pierce Lance

o 2000 GPM Hale Q Max Pump with Feecon Around-the-Pump Foam System

o 600 Gallons Water, 150 Gallons Class B Foam, POK Foam Sticks

o Front, Sides, and Rear LDH intake

o 13 SCBA & 13 Spare Cylinders

o 1900' 5" LDH Supply Line

o Humat Hydrant Valve

o 3 - Pre-piped deluge guns- Front, Top and Rear

o 4 - 200' 1.75" Crosslays

o 1 - 200' 2.5" Crosslay with pre-connected Blitzfire

o 1 - 200' 3" Pre-connected ground monitor/ Leader Line

o 1 - 200' 2" Pre-connected attack line

o 1 - 200' 2.5" Pre-connected attack line

o 1 - 150' 1.25" Foam Line

o Laptop Computer

o Bullard Thermal Imaging Camera

o Multi Rea Plus Four Gas Monitor With PID

o Scott Single Gas CO Monitor

o Breathing air to Pump Operator

o 6 Portable Radios

o Tool Box

o Air Pack Repair Kit

o LZ Kit

o Electrical Kit

o Crash Kit

o Lock Out Tag Out Kit

o Man In Machine Tool Kit

o 2- Utility Rope Bags

o Large Area Search Bag

o 7- Personal Escape Bags

o EMS Bag and AED

o Extinguishers - CO2, Dry Chemical, Foam, 2 Water, Class D, Halon

o Positive and Negative Pressure Fans

o Vent Master Chainsaw

o Tree Chainsaw

o 2 DeWALT Reciprocating Saws

o 3- Sets Of Irons

o 2- Ny Officers Hooks

o 3- 6ft Ny Roof Hooks

o 1- 8ft Ny Roof Hook

o 1- 10ft Ny Roof Hook

o 2- Griff Hooks

o 2- Drywall Hooks

o 2- Closet Hooks

o 1- 6tf Trash Hook

o 1- TnT tool

o Rex tool

o 2- Sledge Hammers

o 2- Pick Head Axe's

o 3- Bolt Cutters

o 1-Brush Rake

o Air Chisel

o Cribbing

o Hi Lift Jack

o Floor Dry

o Haz-Mat Pigs and Pads

o Tarps

o 3 Cylinder, 6000 PSI Cascade

o 8,000 Watt Hydraulic Generator

o TNT Rescue Tool System with cutter, spreader, three rams and ram accessory kit

o Paratec 35 Ton Air Bag System

o Kodiak Rescue Struts

Squad 456 "Task Force 2"

1987 Mack Swab Squad Truck

o Numerous Hand Tools

o 8 SCBA

o Heat Gun

o MSA 4 Gas Meter

o 4 Cylinder, 6000 PSI Cascade

o 6500 Watt Generator

o 80 Gallons AFFF Foam

o 1 Negative Pressure Fans

o 2 Chainsaws

o 1 Cutoff Saw

o Stokes Basket

o 2 Backboards

o EMS Supplies

o Cribbing

o Extinguishers - 4 Dry Chemical, 2 Water and 1 Foam

o Traffic Control Equipment

o Tarps

o Utility Rope

o Portable Lighting Equipment

o Pigs, Pads and Floor Dry

o Rehab Supplies with on board refrigerator, microwave, tent and chairs

Tower 456 "Schuylkill County's Most Wanted"

1991 Mack Baker 75' Aerialscope

o 216? of Ground Ladders

o Bullard Thermal Imaging Camera

o 9 SCBA with 12 Spare Cylinders

o 6 Portable Radios

o EMS Equipment and AED

o Stokes Basket with Backboard

o Extinguishers - Dry Chemical, CO2, Foam, 2 Water Cans

o Positive and 2 Negative Pressure Fans

o Cribbing

o Life Safety Rope

o Utility Rope and Webbing

o 3 Class ll Harnesses

o Stokes Basket Bridal

o Search Bag

o Personal Escape Bags

o 4 Cutoff Saws - 3 Metal and 1 Wood

o 3 Chainsaws - Cutters Edge

o Genesis Hand Powered Combi-Tool

o DeWALT Reciprocating Saw

o Acetylene Cutting Torch

o Porta-Power

o Battering Ram (Slap Nutz)

o 6,000 Watt Diesel Generator

o 4" Waterway to Bucket

o High Rise Hose Pack

o Bucket Foam Nozzle

o Pre-connected electric and breathing air to bucket

o Bucket fully equipped with all needed hand tools already mounted

o 4 Cylinder, 6,000 PSI Cascade with air for turntable operator

o Salvage and Overhaul Equipment

o Numerous hand tools and truck company supplies

o Rehab Supplies

o Electric Demolition Hammer


Recent Calls

Fri. Nov 21st 2014
Tower and Squad On Working Fire in Frackville

At 06:47 hrs. Tower 456 was dispatched along with Dist 43, Altamont and Englewood Fire to the area of Lehigh and Frack sts. f...

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Sun. Nov 16th 2014
E 454 Assist Shenandoah with a 2nd Alarm Fire

Shortly after 15:00 hours the Shenandoah Fire Department was dispatched to the 500 Block of W. Centre Str. for house fire. In...

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Wed. Nov 12th 2014
Tower 456 Responds on Frackville Fire

Today shortly after noon Tower 456 was dispatched along with Frackville, Altamont and Englewood Fire Co. for a house fire. La...

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